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Dear Neighbor-

I know you see the fancy TV commercials, big billboards, and get mail from “big name”, national pest control companies. You might think it would be better or “safer” to call them instead of a local independent such as myself, but here are the FACTS their ads will never tell you.

FACT #1: Their high employee turnover problems affect the quality of service you receive.
These big, national companies have big employee turnover problems. The “service technician” on your home’s route will likely change several times a year. They come and go, quit and get replaced. As a result, they hire them fast, train them quick and get them out on a route in a hurry. You can luck out and get a really good, diligent, knowledgeable one, or not. By contrast, when you deal with Crysler’s Pest Control you deal directly with me Danny Crysler. I take pride in everything I do.

FACT #2: Ownership VS Managers : Who really cares about your home, family, your satisfaction?
If you’ve ever run a business yourself, you know about the myth of “ownership mentality”. There’s just no such thing. So, these big name companies’ have area offices run by hired, wage-earning managers (who also come and go), some with a lot of experience and some with very little, some who care about “quality” and some who don’t. You gamble on luck of the draw. My company is LOCALLY OWNED. I work in my business, supervising it’s quality each job each and every day.

FACT #3: Fundamental Honesty is Hard to Find
Even the big national companies have been prosecuted and court-ordered to pay back customers for scams and fraud! So, who can YOU trust? The point that a big national company’s brand name, huge billboards, or lots of TV commercials DO NOT guarantee you home inspections and fair pricing. I live here, work hard every day to earn and keep my customers’ trust. After all, you are not a “bug expert” and probably do not care to become one, so you need to feel confident trusting an expert’s finding, recommendations, fair pricing and on-going treatment.

FACT #4: Technology differences, hyped in advertising, don’t really matter
In different companies advertising or from their salespeople, you’ll hear about “patented” and “exclusive” methods, chemicals or technology, including different types of termite baiting systems, wall injection, subterranean baiting, perimeter protections, organic treatments, biological, chemical, dust, etc., etc. While different companies may have trademarked names for these things, we all have access to all of them. NO ONE COMPANY HAS ANY TECHNOLOGY, METHOD OR CHEMICAL THAT IS, IN ITSELF, SUPERIOR OR UNIQUE. Instead, what’s important is the experience, know-how and care the technicians diagnosing problems, choosing the correct treatments for each situation, and thoroughly checking and re-checking the effectiveness of their choices. I stay up-to-date on the very latest advancements. We carefully place our materials safely inside cracks, crevices, behind outlets etc. out of reach of children and pets. Most importantly, we apply the right treatments of your specific and particular needs.