So you’ve found termites.

Without professional termite treatment, homes and businesses could suffer thousands of dollars of interior and exterior damage. Termite control is achieved by knowledgeable and well-trained exterminators who evaluate the entire building and property to determine the proper application needed.

Types of termites in Texas

Different types of termites infest different regions of the United States. The most common species of termites found in Texas are:

  • Eastern subterranean
  • Arid-land subterranean
  • Formosan subterranean
  • Western drywood
  • Desert dampwood

Subterranean varieties live in loose and wet dirt, trees that have fallen and stumps. Warmer seasons find winged termites swarming to locate a new nest for part of their colony as it grows too large. Drywood termites inhabit wood structures including furniture. Dampwood species prefer wood below or at ground level and often infest shrubs, trees, grapevines, fences, posts and poles.

These insects travel in mud tunnels consisting of mud, feces and saliva. They find access under plastic or vinyl and eat into the following:

  • walls
  • wood beams
  • floors
  • ceilings
  • paneling

Obvious signs of pest damage include cracks in the walls or ceiling from deep burrows, buckled or bowed wood in beams and floors and a mildew-like smell from the mud tunnels. The stability of porches and decks can become compromised in addition to the foundation of the building itself. Interior damage can also include:

  • cabinets
  • carpets
  • furniture
  • insulation
  • clothing
  • paper

Termite FAQ

Leave it to the professionals

Serious damage may have already been inflicted by the time a homeowner or business owner discovers termite infestation. A barrier of pesticide will be placed in the ground to keep these pests out, and traps with tainted bait are positioned for unsuspecting termites to take back to the colony.

  • ​inspecting the entire structure and surrounding property to determine the proper treatment
  • on-going inspections and strong treatment for years of protection
  • locate and eliminate nests and mud tunnels

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